Junior High Program

What We Offer

Stellar Robotics offers one program (FTC) for junior high age students (grades 7-8) through the FIRST® organization

Member Responsibilities

Membership on a Stellar Robotics junior high team includes the following requirements:

  • attendance
  • fundraising
  • parent or guardian support/volunteerism

Team Size

FIRST limits the number of students per junior high team to 15

Number of Teams

Stellar Robotics currently offers one junior high team. Additional teams are possible when we have sufficient coaches/mentors available. Two per team are required, but more are definitely helpful. At least one mentor per team with technical knowledge is necessary.

If you are interested in team membership for your student, we strongly urge you to consider signing up as a coach/mentor and recruiting technical mentors from among your acquaintance. You will receive assistance from veteran coaches. No mentors, no teams.

Junior High Season

The junior high season begins in August and runs through the fall. Some events may carry over into winter. In addition, when teams qualify, they may participate in the international championship event, which takes place in Detroit, MI in April of each year.

Other Program Details

  • On and off field competition
  • Scholarship opportunities (technical and non-technical fields)
  • Design, build, program, and operate a robot to compete in a head-to-head challenge in an alliance format

Learning Opportunities

  • design
  • strategy
  • brainstorming
  • prototyping
  • assembly
  • electrical
  • programming
  • public speaking
  • marketing

and more!

How and When to Apply

  • Apply by the end of July for the season beginning in August.
  • First come, first served.
  • We maintain a waiting list in case a student drops out or is unable to attend.
  • Apply Here